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Please note, the photos you see are an example of items that you will find in your box.

This Mix not is for customers that just start, we suggest only to customers that have already experience in vintage market. 

The composition is usually 40/50% Woman And 50/40% Man. It is variable.

You Will Find All Type of clothing, shoes and Accesories. 

Expect 2.5 Units Each KG

We cannot only sell specific brands or not include certain categories of clothing.
 "We sorting the Authenticity of the products by our experienced team but we can't guarantee 100% of originality of all products"

Keep in mind that the items are used, so it is possible to find some items with a small defect and some items may need washing.


The images shown on this website are not the actual products for sale. They are an example and an indication of the style, quality and era that you can expect in this particular blend. Keep in mind that vintage clothing is unique; therefore, each piece is different. All our items are carefully selected with the highest possible quality. By default, we do not sell items with holes, tears, or stains.

Shipping information

The order leaves the warehouse after 1-2 days orders have been placed.

When DHL picks up your package, you will receive an email with the tracking number.


The sizes in our packs are random from S to XXL, you can always look for garments to fit you by consulting our services.

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