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FAQ about Vintage Clothing Wholesale


The order leaves the warehouse after 1-2 days orders have been placed.

When DHL picks up your package, you will receive an email with the tracking number.


The sizes in our packs are random from S to XXL, you can always look for garments to fit you by consulting our services.

Exclusive Benefits for Professionals with VAT Number!

Are you a professional with a VAT number? We have something special just for you! By logging in with your email and verifying your VAT number in the cart, you unlock exclusive benefits tailored to professionals like you. Enjoy tax-free shopping, personalized offers, and seamless transactions. Keep your session active to make the most of your professional perks. Start experiencing the difference today!


In this category, you'll find items that have been used but still look great or only have small imperfections that are hard to notice. They might have minimal signs of wear, a bit of pilling here and there, small stains, or slightly loose stitches. We'll show you detailed photos so you can see any details before purchasing.


These are items with more obvious defects, such as slightly worn fabric, larger stains, or broken zippers. Even though they have their issues, many of them can be fixed, and by offering them at lower prices, we give you the opportunity to make them shine again.


FAQ about Vintage Clothing Wholesale