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The "All-Round" Garments: Spring/Summer Clothing

The "All-Round" Garments: Spring/Summer Clothing

Welcome one more day to our vintage clothing blog. Today we are going to talk about the "all-purpose" garments, the spring/summer clothes. We will tell you the advantages of this kind of clothes and which are the most used at this time of the year. If you are interested in fashion, vintage and this season so loved by many, you can't miss this post!

vintage clothing for spring/summer

Polo shirts, a comfortable and multi-purpose solution for spring clothing.

Do you know the story of how polo shirts were invented? Probably not, but that's what we're here for. The Lacoste brand you probably do. Its creator, René Lacoste, was the visionary who revolutionised fashion by cutting off the sleeves of tennis shirts, as he found them very uncomfortable. Thus creating this iconic garment. 

In the exciting game of spring fashion, polo shirts are your aces up your sleeve for this vibrant season. This spring clothing item not only elevates your style, but also adapts like a chameleon to any spring occasion. Whether enjoying the sun on the beach, going out with friends or even at more formal events, polo shirts are the infallible choice for your spring wardrobe.

Blouses: freshness and style in every detail

It is well known that blouses are an almost obligatory garment for this time of the year. Thanks to the breathable fabrics and the versatile designs of this kind of garments, it is very difficult not to choose it as a spring clothing option. This garment can be combined with other garments of your wardrobe such as trousers or skirts. Also, with blouses we can go from "casual" to elegant in just an instant. Thanks to the versatility offered by this spring clothing item we can create unique and personalised looks.

Footwear: spring/summer is in full swing

In spring/summer 2024 fashion, footwear stands out with comfortable and stylish options. Low-heeled ballerinas offer casual sophistication, kitten heels add a glamorous touch without excessive height, and flat flip-flop sandals promise relaxed comfort.

Colours and prints for spring clothing this 2024

Colours are a must when it comes to combining any type of clothing. Now we are going to tell you about the colours that will be trending in the spring/summer season in 2024:

Powdered pink, as delicate as the petals of the flowers that awaken with the arrival of the sun. It meets the energetic orange, creating an explosion of vitality that reflects the joy of the season. But that's not all, black and white are presented as the classic pairing that never goes out of style, offering a timeless canvas to express style and elegance.

But it's not all about the colours, we're also going to talk about the prints that will be used in spring clothing this 2024. Classic sailor stripes emerge as a tribute to nautical sophistication, bringing a timeless touch to your wardrobe. The rose print, meanwhile, presents itself as a refined choice that adds a touch of romanticism to your ensembles. Polka dots make a comeback, bringing a dose of playfulness and versatility to seasonal fashion.

spring/summer clothes

We have talked to you about both spring clothes and the prints that are going to be worn in 2024. At Vintage Wholesale Spain we have high quality garments so that you can stay fashionable no matter what time of the year it is. Visit our catalogue and we won't let you down!

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